Monday, December 28, 2009

1st Anniversary of “There’s a Frog on My Forehead” Book Launch

As I mark the anniversary of the launch of my first children’s picture book, “There’s a Frog on My Forehead,” I find that I am so grateful for many things. To name just a few, the people that I’ve met, the helpful coaches, mentors, and teachers who made this dream a reality, and the guides who familiarized me with a road map for the marketing process that has been such a journey. My family has been such a fantastic source of support and joy as we move through many new adventures together.
I’ve also had the privilege of meeting many other authors and illustrators who are helpful with advice, strategies, and ideas. This voyage has been so wonderful that I’m going to start it all again with the New Year. Happy New Year to all!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Marketing My Children's Picture Book, The Journey Continues

This week I had two opportunities to learn about the processes of publishing, marketing, and promoting children’s picture books. The first was at the Twin Cities Book Festival, Saturday, October 10th. I was an exhibiting author and sold enough copies of my book, “There’s a Frog on My Forehead,” to come away with a smile on my face. However, the book sales weren’t the main reason for attending this event. I was surrounded by wonderful authors, illustrators, editors, and publishers all sharing and exchanging stories, successful tactics, and strategies. Thank you to RAIN TAXI for allowing me to participate in this great event.
The second event was the 2009 Education Minnesota Professional Conference. I was an exhibitor with Beaver’s Pond Press. Our booth was filled with authors, some of them also educators, who have recently published books. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with educators from a variety of school districts to discuss school visits, and our books. I enjoyed meeting so many students and student teachers, who were filled with excellent ideas for educating our kids.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beaver's Pond Author Picnic

Last Wednesday I had the privilege to attend the Beaver’s Pond Press Authors Picnic. It was wonderful to see so many authors and illustrators that I know, and to network and meet new people.
The presentation was great and one of the things that Dara and Amy discussed is the importance of blogging. I realized that it was past time for me to get my feet wet with the bloggers of the world. So, with help from Jason, of Three Eyed Bird Design, I am attempting my first post!
Thank you to everyone at Beaver’s Pond Press for a delightful evening and an informative event.